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Origin story

When the founder of Next Level AMS Boutique Personal Training, Tal Assa, was a teenager, his first job was working as a
pizza delivery boy.

His everyday life changed forever when a devastating accident took place while on a delivery Tal crashed his scooter into a truck that was parked illegally, and as a result suffered open fractures in both of his shins.

Unable to stand or walk, he underwent surgeries and months of grueling rehabilitation until he could get back on his feet again.


Why Walk If You Can Run..!

But Tal didn’t stop at regaining his ability to walk. He trained almost every day since recovering from that horrible accident, constantly increasing his performance and adhering to a healthy lifestyle. On his 18th birthday he was drafted to the army and served a full 3-years term. After his release, he obtained a degree in Computer Science and began working as an IT Specialist. In 2009, after many years in the field, he had set his eye on a new goal: Obtaining a Fitness Trainer diploma from Israel’s top sports academy.


Pursuing The Dream

For several years Tal split his time between IT and Personal Training, gathering a following of clients in Tel Aviv. In 2013 he decided to quit and explore the world in search of a new place to call Home. His ultimate goal was to dedicate himself exclusively to working as a personal trainer, and helping individuals make lifestyle changes. #lovemyjob


First Fitness Studio Marks The First Milestone

After months of traveling the world, Tal arrived in Amsterdam and chose to make it his home. He began training individuals and small groups outdoors, occasionally renting spaces inside gyms. Word got out quickly of the new trainer in town, and within a year he opened his first studio in Amstelveen. Two more years down the line, Tal was managing a team of 4 personal trainers coaching clients 7 days a week.


It's Time to Take Things to The Next Level

In 2019 Tal felt that he had more to offer to his clients, and decide to open Next Level AMS Boutique Personal Training, not far from his old location. The new location is a boutique personal training studio and home to many clients, with its state-of-the-art facilities and a dedicated, experienced team.
In our studio we offer personal training for individuals and couples, Pilates reformer personal training, Personal Group Training for up to 5 participants, and in-house physiotherapy clinic.


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