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Why Having a Personal Trainer to Guide Your Workouts is Important

Why Taking a Personal Trainer to Guide your Workouts is Important By Tal Assa Yes, you can exercise online with the click of a button, but can it really substitute guided workout and a personalized training plan? Sometimes recruiting the help of a professional goes beyond just wanting the extra guidance and support, and truly […]

Personal Training Amstelveen – All You Need To Know

Personal Training Amstelveen All You Need To Know By Tal Assa We’re closing in to the end of 2021 — how are your New Year’s resolutions coming along? Have you followed this year’s so far? If not, now is the time to climb back aboard and book that Personal Training consultation appointment you were thinking about setting […]

I Have Found 4 Good Things in 2020

4 GOOD THINGS I’VE FOUND IN 2020 By Tal Assa – 31.12.2020 Days before switching to 2021, a second lockdown has started in the Netherlands which resulted in gyms, fitness studios (among them Next Level AMS), and other public places to shut down for the second time in 2020. Evaluating the situation (plus my birthday),  […]

Last Days of 2020 – Thoughts And Wishes From Your Personal Trainer in Amstelveen

LAST DAYS OF 2020 THOUGHTS AND WISHES FROM YOUR PERSONAL TRAINER By Tal Assa If I would have to find one word to describe 2020 in the most accurate way that word would be: CHALLENGING. Though we both know that from every good challenge we can only GROW! Gym is closed, now what? What started […]

Unlikely Mental Tips for The Newly Trained

Mims’ Blog | Unlikely Mental Tips for The Newly Trained By Mims Vilma If you’ve been following my blog entries, you know that I’m not going to smother you with inspirational quotes and Instagram-worthy recipes. This blog is intended for people like me: those having a hard time coming to terms with their current physical ability, perhaps […]

5 Years in The Netherlands – Follow Your Heart

5 Years in The Netherlands – The Story of Next Level AMS Have you ever migrated spontaneously? I have… This month I’m celebrating 5 years since my spontaneous migration to the Netherlands. It’s proven to be an enlightening, challenging, and growing experience, and at this point in my life I really couldn’t be happier with this choice. […]

Galit Hahn Natural Nutritionist in Amstelveen

Galit Hahn – Natural Nutritionist in Amstelveen Meet Galit Hahn Your healthy lifestyle nutritionist at Next Level AMS. ‘FROM WILL POWER TO SKILL POWER’ is my motto. Will power can help you kick start a journey but will not last for long if you won’t improve your skills with better and healthier lifestyle choices. My […]

Breaking The Myth of Myself

Mims’ Blog | Breaking the Myth of Myself By Mims Vilma I’m about to turn 30 and I’ve never worked out. Ever. I was exempt of most physical activities during High School, and my family never maintained an active lifestyle for me to model, so here I am, clueless, terrified of any form of exercise. […]