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Elevate Your Fitness Journey! Walking and Running tips for beginners and advanced

Kick Off The Season With NLA. Running and Walking Tips and Benefits. February 16, 2024/Next Level AMS Hey there, fitness enthusiasts! At Next Level Ams we understand the challenges of staying committed to your goals in a busy world and finding the sweet point of work life balance. But fear not! With the new season […]

Empowering your Fitness Goals: The Impact Of a Personal Trainer​

Empowering your Fitness Goals: The Positive Impact Of a Personal Trainer January 12, 2024/Next Level AMS In the labyrinth of wellness wisdom, where the waves of information on nutrition and training can be overwhelming, Anna found herself in search of a guiding light for her weight loss journey. The sheer multitude of considerations left her […]

Top 5 High Protein Dairy Products

Top 5 High Protein Dairy Products Available in Albert Heijn December 18th, 2023/Next Level AMS Hey there, health enthusiast! Let’s dive into the world of high protein dairy products at Albert Heijn, where taste meets nutrition on a journey that’s not just about what you eat but how you feel about it. Join NLA as we share […]

Your Journey to Stress Management

Balancing Cortisol for Optimal Well-Being: Your Journey to Stress Management November 15th, 2023/Next Level AMS At Next Level AMS, we believe that well-being is at the core of personal empowerment and better health. One of the key players in this equation is cortisol, a hormone closely linked to stress. In this blog post, we’ll explore […]

Boost Your Fitness Journey This Fall

Seasonal Supplements: Boosting Your Fitness Journey This Fall October 18th, 2023/Next Level AMS Seasonal Supplements:Boosting Your Fitness Journey This Fall As the vibrant colors of autumn paint the landscape,  your fitness journey shouldn’t miss out  on the opportunity for a seasonal boost. Think of optimizing your fitness journey by incorporating the right supplements. In this […]

Strengthening Your Immune System

Strengthen Your Immune System September 13th, 2023/Next Level AMS     Let’s Make Immunity a Blast! Hello fitness enthusiast! 🌟 September is here, and you know what that means – it’s time to dive into the fit world to keep your immune system in tip-top shape! To stay healthy and not catch on to every […]

Vacation and weight gain

Vacation and weight gain August 8th, 2023/Next Level AMS Gaining weight on vacation can occur due to a combination of factors. Most of them are related to changes in routine, environment, and behavior. Hovever most likely, a few pounds more on a scale is a result of water retention due to higher sodium intake or […]

Dive into the Chills: The Science of Ice Baths

Dive into the Chills: The Science of Ice Baths July 8th, 2023/Next Level AMS Have you ever wondered what it means to take the plunge into frigid waters and how this chilling practice can aid athletic performance and recovery? Let’s unfreeze the mysteries of ice baths and discover the potential benefits of this cold exposure […]