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Vacation and weight gain

Vacation and weight gain August 8th, 2023/Next Level AMS Gaining weight on vacation can occur due to a combination of factors. Most of them are related to changes in routine, environment, and behavior. Hovever most likely, a few pounds more on a scale is a result of water retention due to higher sodium intake or […]

Dive into the Chills: The Science of Ice Baths

Dive into the Chills: The Science of Ice Baths July 8th, 2023/Next Level AMS Have you ever wondered what it means to take the plunge into frigid waters and how this chilling practice can aid athletic performance and recovery? Let’s unfreeze the mysteries of ice baths and discover the potential benefits of this cold exposure […]

Best Time to Workout Morning Vs Evening

Morning Vs Evening WorkoutScience Backed Facts June 5th, 2023/Next Level AMS There’s a plethora of contradictory studies about the ideal time to exercise. Advocates for morning workouts assert it kickstarts your metabolism, but those favoring evening workouts argue it doesn’t necessarily assist in weight reduction. Evening enthusiasts believe it enhances sleep quality, but morning advocates […]

The Best Exercises for Every Stage of Pregnancy

The Best Exercises for Every Stage of Pregnancy May 8th, 2023/Next Level AMS As you nurture new life within you, congratulations are in order! If you were active prior to your pregnancy, maintaining a level of activity during your pregnancy is both beneficial and safe for you and your baby’s well-being. As you nurture new […]