Make heat and cold therapy part of your regular health routine. Alternate dry, wet or steam heat and ice cold plunges for 20-40 mins 2-3 times per week to aid muscle repair after exercise, detox, strengthen your immune system and manage stress.

What is the the Daily Spa?​

The Daily Spa is a mini spa complete with heat and cold therapy options:
  • Finnish sauna
  •  Hamman
  • Infrared sauna
  • Ice bath
  • Cold shower
Here you'll be able to combine both in a 20 to 40 mins cycle to further enhance their impact.

Why the Daily Spa?​

The benefits of heat and cold therapy have been known for centuries. 

The Daily Spa is the affordable spa at your doorstep so you can easily incorporate them into your wellbeing routine. Pop over after your training session to aid muscle repair, a quick cold plunge before going to work so you are energized as you start your day, an evening sauna visit to relax and aid sleep. 

How can I join the Daily Spa?​

Choose a monthly membership plan that matches your preferred frequency or purchase single/multi session cards to use at your convenience. Details will be revealed soon so register your interest below and we will keep you updated.

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